Is the prime site lease in my name ?

Depends. Geowash will, in some cases, hold the head lease and license it to you. At other times, you will hold the lease directly with the relevant shopping centre or prime site group.

Am I required to work in the store ?

Yes. At Geowash, we believe that the most successful franchisees are those which are run by the actual owner of the store. We also believe that the best head start you can give you business is to commit yourself to it so you can fully understand every aspect of your operation. We therefore, strongly insist that the franchisee is required to work in the business for the first 3-6 months on a full time basis. It is important to Geowash that you are actively involved in the franchise and do not want to obtain the franchise purely as an investment opportunity.

Are there any continuing or on-going fees once the franchise fee and the store establishment costs have been paid ?

Yes you will be required to pay on-going franchise fees and contribute to a marketing fund which is paid to Geowash. The fee is a percentage of your gross sales turnover. In addition, you will be required to pay for products and or materials supplied from the Geowash warehouse.

As a Geowash Franchisee, what kind of return can I expect to receive ?

Due to the significant number of variables affecting the profitable performance of each individual franchise, we can not give an accurate indication of what turnover you can expect from your operation of a Geowash franchise.

Can anyone else come into my area and work?

No, your area is exclusive to you only.

Do I buy all my stock from Geowash ?

All your products come from the Geowash warehouse. Geowash will supply all the products and will ensure the discounts provide a price advantage.

How big is my territory?

If you are allocated a fixed site such as a shopping centre, your franchise agreement will apply to that specific location.

How do I get work?

Primarily you generate work through marketing and car traffic at your site but this is supplemented by jobs which come through the Geowash website or the 1300CARWASH national advertising and business development activities.

How long does it take to clean a car?

It depends on the type of car and the package you are treating the car with. It also depends on the number of Geowash workers you have working – one person can complete a Geowash Silver Package in about 20 mins with 2 people this time should almost halve.

How long is Geowash initial training?

Geowash initial training goes on for one week, we also provide a comprehensive support program so that you are up to date with our continuous upgrades both nationally and for your state.

How many cars can I clean in a day?

It depends on the number of Geowash trained workers are in your Team and the detailing or basic jobs you are booking.

Is previous experience in owning your own business required ?

No. Whilst experience in owning / operating a business would be regarded as an advantage, it is not compulsory as part of the selection process.

Is training provided ?

Yes. Geowash’s developed training program you will receive is intense. It will require a great deal of attention from you. Training schedule includes course that covers all of the theoretical aspects of our business, including supply, finance, store build, marketing, people management and IT. Training will move on from theory to its time to get down and clean. This time will be spent in your own store, with qualified trainers guiding you every inch of the way. Opening : a support team will be deployed to assist you with team training, as well as your grand opening. Our training programs leave no stone unturned, no questions unanswered. You will cover all facets of your business, you’ll become a trainer, sales person, detailer and manager, and end up being competent in absolutely every aspect of the Geowash Hand Carwash Model.

What is my initial investment ?

The estimated total investment for an individual franchisee is between $350,000 to $550,000 plus. This establishment cost covers franchisee fees, site selection, lease management and negotiation, store planning, design and strategic management, franchise manuals, training, shop fit-out, equipment,. The actual cost will depend on a range of variables such as the size and location of the store.

Where do I get the products from?

You order all your products online through our online booking centre, they are delivered to your site.