Who makes a good Geowash franchisee?

We’re searching for people who are passionate, enthusiastic, confident and comfortable getting their hands dirty / washing cars as they are managing payroll; as good at leading people as they are at making money; as adept at writing and executing a detailed business plan as they are at charming the carwash customers; who can blend business and fun until business becomes fun.

That’s what we’re aiming for at Geowash Australia. We work hard, sure, and we don’t award franchising rights to people we think don’t have the business “Cut & Polish” skills to succeed. But we want it to be fun, not just for our customers but for our franchise owners and employees as well.

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Passion for cars and the brand

The first and most essential ingredient is passion — passion for providing carwash & detailing services and the brand. Geowash Australasia is special, an international brand name with excellence in product quality and services you won’t find anywhere else, and a franchise system that brings great people and a great business model together to create something magical and dynamic. We want our franchise owners and employees to use that passion as the fuel for everything they do, from bookkeeping to staff management to washing cars.

Of course, we want our owners to have good, practical skills as well. Our ideal candidate has a background in the car wash & detailing industry or running a business of his / her own (different industry is also fine), carwash management skills, preferably franchise carwash operators; strong management skills; and the ability to consistently motivate himself and those around him.

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We want someone with the willingness to devote time and energy to the business, not just as an overseer but as a hands-on manager. We want someone who’s willing to roll up his sleeves and dive into every aspect of the operation, from managing the books to stocking product supplies to helping wash & detail cars — or, at the very least, to be in partnership with someone who’s willing. Absentee ownership can work in some franchise systems; we’ve found it doesn’t necessarily work in ours. It can in some circumstances only.

The Great Geowash Melting Pot

Our franchise owners, like the good people of Australia, come from every possible background. One is a former engineer. Another was a lawyer. Still another was an accountant.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done. People with the resources, the business smarts and the passion for excellence in carwash & detailing services and good times are the ones Geowash wants to go into business with.

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