Geowash Hand Car Wash Detailing Cafe-Midvale, WA

Geowash Midvale

Geowash Hand Car Wash& Detailing Café Midvale, WA.

Come and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at our Café, Geowash offers friendly and warm service, which will ensure your visit is a pleasant and enjoyable one.

During your visit, you can relax in our lounge or catch up on some work while we look after your car and ensure it is cleaned to the highest of standards.

About us: Geowash is an international car wash brand operating in more than 35 countries worldwide. Geowash Australia is proud to announce the opening of a new store at 2 Farrall Road, Midvale, WA 6056. Our store specialises in professional hand car wash & detailing services.

Geowash service benefits:

  • Quality hand car wash & detailing service
  • Attention to detail
  • Best price and great value for money
  • 100% biodegradable & environmentally friendly product range
  • Product range protects your car’s paintwork
  • 100% customer satisfaction is a Geowash guarantee
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Midvale, car wash

We are located at 2 Farrall Road, Midvale, WA 6056

Midvale, WA


Geowash Café Experience


At Geowash, we love coffee! We are serving premium quality Bonissimo coffee range.

Delight your senses with premium mountain grown coffee. Bonissimo sources premium mountain grown coffee from the world’s best coffee growing regions. Roasted fresh daily and blended to create rich coffees and complex aromas and flavours.

Starting from a small roast-house behind a West Perth café in the early 1970’s, Bonissimo has evolved to be a leader in the Perth coffee industry, offering a wide variety of coffees, services, and exceptional customer service.


In 2010, they relocated to their spacious modern roast-house and showroom in Osborne Park, and acquired a 1959 La Vittoria hot air roaster, which is renowned for its quality and consistency in roasting. Each coffee variety from different country of origins are roasted separately in the 1959 La Vittoria hot air roaster, in order to achieve optimum results.

Although we are a carwash company, we dedicate love in making a great cup of coffee! So while you visit our store, DO try our great take-away coffee and enjoy our café music beats! We love to be lively and fun!”

We can’t wait to give you a great Geowash experience!

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Contact number: 1300 CARWASH

Operating Hours: Open 7 days

Monday to Sunday 7:30AM to 6:00PM

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