Buy a Car Wash Franchise

If you want to buy a car wash franchise there are various factors involved to ensure that you end up with a profitable business.

It is important when you buy a car wash franchise that you buy a business from a franchisor that can help you to be successful. There is little point investing your money to buy a business only to find out that there is little support and you do not make you the money you wanted. You need to ensure that the money and time you invest into your car wash business can not only be recouped but also be built up, provide cash flow and have the potential of significant capital gain. A Geowash Car Wash Franchise gives you the chance to be part of a global brand operating in 35 countries. Geowash is tried and tested.

Have you looked at what is required to run a car wash business? Is it something that you would enjoy? Look at businesses online, visit car wash sites, have your car washed, and spend some time seeing the daily interaction between the workers and their customers. This feeling out process will help you decide if you enjoy being around the car wash and its associated daily routines.

Once you have decided on your top one or two car wash businesses’ then find out what the level of investment is to buy into the car wash franchise.

You may find a variance of investment level from around $150,000.00 to over $200,000.00 depending on the site location, cost to fit out and setup costs. Shopping centre sites are expensive to rent but if you get a busy centre the total cars parking there make up for the increased rental.

Attend Franchise shows, research online, and request information from the car wash franchise companies you have shortlisted. Read through all the material, take notes and write down any questions you have. Once you have your questions written out call and request an appointment with the broker handling the sale of the car wash franchises or even the owner of the business. A face-to-face meeting is important with the owners of the business because these are the people who you will be trusting to work with. A franchise is a system of doing things and having trust is very important.

Ask all your questions; gather as much information as you can. Ask for other car wash franchisee details so that you can call them later. Making these calls or even meeting with an existing franchisee can give a valuable insight into the business and how it is run. Again ask to see a site in operation, talk to the workers and look at the quality of the car washes that are being done. You will learn much from this and it will help you to decide if you want to buy the car wash franchise.

Ask for disclosure information so that you can determine the costs of running the car wash business. The company’s franchise documents will list cost of establishing your business and the ongoing fees you will be expected to pay. The ongoing fees are necessary as the car wash franchisor uses these fees to support you to build your business. Look for the fees associated with the marketing fund, as this is essential to generate customers for your local business.

Look also at the people behind the company; the document will list any litigation or franchise closures. It will also set out in a list all the inventory that is part of your business purchase. These documents also should list existing franchisees and a valuable question to ask anyone you do call or meet is if you had the chance to do it over would you buy the same franchise again? Sanam Ali the owner of the Geowash Franchise in Australia and New Zealand is keen to work with key franchisees and will assist in the rollout of your business. All new franchisees will have the personal support of Sanam Ali and she is integral to the setup of your business. At Geowash you are not dealing with a faceless organization you are dealing directly with Sanam Ali who has built the business from the ground up in Australia.

Once a decision is made you should appoint a solicitor to review all the franchise documents before you sign them. Work out if you need to borrow money to buy the car wash franchise. Ask the broker for any of contacts as they do this for a living and will be able to support you through this process.

Then it is time to book in your training and let Geowash do what they do best, establish your site and assist you make a profit when you buy your car wash business.