Which Car Wash Franchise ?

There are many different types of car wash businesses so you will need to choose between self-service car washes, tunnel washes or hand washing and detailing. The cheapest to establish is the hand washing and detailing but then again you will have higher ongoing labor costs, which will need to be factored in.

Once you have chosen the type of car wash you wish to buy you need to do some location analysis on where you would like to operate your business. Rental costs come into consideration and a prime site will cost you a higher rental but if you have researched well you will recoup this in extra business revenue from a good site.

Once you have determined your preferred location it is time to research the various offerings from the major Car wash Franchises. Research these online and make contact with the company or its sales broker. Ask to receive their initial information and research research research. A good franchisor will spend the time with you to answer all your questions. If in doubt do not proceed. The Franchisor Franchisee relationship needs to be strong or you will not receive the support you need to build the business.

Check out the upfront and ongoing costs associated with the Car Wash Franchise. Also ask for a list of inventory that is provided on establishment of the business. What is anything in addition to this list will you need to buy to commence trading? Factor in all these costs to determine your expected budget then add a contingency to be sure. Ask for the Companies Disclosure Document, which will be a valuable aid to determine costs expected, and what you get for your money. Also have the disclosure documents and Franchise Agreement reviewed by your advisors who are well versed in Franchising. An accountant and Solicitor at this stage can assist you with your due diligence and protect you in regards to the paperwork side of the business.

Now you are ready to make an application to buy a car wash franchise. Fill in the appropriate paperwork and meet with the Franchisor, as they will also want to talk to you about what you want to gain from the business. They rely on you to assist them to build their business and in almost all cases will receive an ongoing share of the revenue you generate using their systems and technologies so they have a vested interest to ensure they pick the right applicants as their franchisees.

Once selected they will book in your training and you will also start the process of looking for the right site for your business.