Geowash Diamond Package Service



This is the most superior of all Geowash packages.

It makes your car look almost brand new all over again!

This Package is perfect for……

  • All recent model cars
  • Older cars that have been well maintained

After we have cleaned your car we, we apply by hand our special formulated Geowash wax using small circular motions to clean and polish the paint work. After allowing the wax to dry we remove it with a micro fibre cloth to bring out the shine in the paint work.

Presenting the Geo Gold Package:

Exterior Hand Car Wash

  • Car gets washed with Active Foam, AF emulsion.
  • Insects and Tar removed

Chamois Dry

  • Exterior chamois is dried
  • Front of car, side mirror cases and windscreens are checked for bugs
  • Paintwork is checked for any remaining water and stains
  • Door and trunk sills are cleaned
  • High pressure air blower is used to remove excess water Exterior windows and side mirrors are checked and polished

Tyres Dressed

  • Wheels, arches, mud flaps are washed
  • Tyres are cleaned to remove brake dust and dirt
  • Gloss is applied to the tyres and mud flaps


  • seats including creases in fabric/leather are vaccuumed
  • steering wheel is cleaned and vaccuumed
  • door pockets, glove box and ashtrays are vaccuumed
  • carpets, mats, including under the seats are vaccuumed
  • trunk is cleaned and vaccumed (if empty)
  • baby car seats are vaccumed

Interior Windows

  • Using our Geowash window cleaner with a towel and micro fiber cloth, we polish :
  • windscreen and all interior windows
  • glass sun roof (if applicable)
  • rear view mirror

Interior Dusting

  • Using a damp cloth, we dust:
  • dashboard
  • door frames
  • centre console
  • cup holders
  • leather/vinyl seats
  • steering wheel, gear shifts and hand brake
  • instruments
  • vents
  • switches
  • radio

Mini Interior Detailing

Hand Wax & Polish

As a last step, we hand-apply our special Carnuba formulated Geowash Wax on the car by using small circular motions to clean and polish the paintwork. We allow the wax to haze / dry and then we buff it with a micro fibre cloth to bring out a perfect shine in the paintwork.

You will be amazed by the results!

  • Enhanced Paintwork shine and condition
  • Minor Scratches and Stains are removed
  • The wax provides ongoing protection from paint harming elements
Cost & Estimated Time
GEO DIAMOND for Sedan / Hatch
GEO DIAMOND for 4 WD / 7 Seater
Estimated Time of Service
30-45 Minutes