Paint Protection Treatment at GEOWASH

Ask our Geowash Store Manager for the most suitable Paint Treatment for your car to your expectations.

Paint Treatment follows three separate treatment processes such as Wax and Polish; Cut and Polish; and Paint Cleansing.

Wax and Polish

  • Your car should be waxed and polished on regular basis to keep its form alive. And Waxing releases a shielding layer that lasts for two-to-three months, subject to your car’s condition.
  • We apply a high-best quality wax to the paintwork of your car by hand, taking care to avoid plastic trims, panel joins and rubber.
  • After the wax dries, it’s buffed off with an extra soft microfibre cloth to remove excess wax and to bring out a high gloss finish. This treatment gives a superior shine, keeping the paint and making water drop easily and excess serving the car stay cleaner lengthier.

Cut and Polish

  • Cut and polish treatment applies after washing and paint cleaning. We have trained and skilled staff that uses buff and polish machine to apply a best method to remove scratches, cuts and tints from the paintwork.
  • Afterwards, we apply by hand, our special best quality wax, and buff it to highlight the shine and for finishing.
  • This treatment gives your car a fine look and eliminates very fine marks and scratches.

Paint Cleansing

  • It’s like a Makeover for your car.
  • This treatment is done before a wax and hand polish to ensure the best result is a superior shine and a smooth finish.
  • Paint cleansing is like a new birth of your car. At the first stage, we will systematically wash your car to eliminate loose grime and filth. The surface is then greased and treated with a special clay compound that removes embedded dirt and particles. This releases a clean and smooth paint of your car.