Geowash Gold Package Service



This Package includes cleaning both the car’s exterior and interior.

Presenting the Geo Gold Package:

Exterior Hand Car Wash

  • Car gets washed with Active Foam, AF emulsion.
  • Insects and Tar removed

Chamois Dry

  • Exterior chamois is dried
  • Front of car, side mirror cases and windscreens are checked for bugs
  • Paintwork is checked for any remaining water and stains
  • Door and trunk sills are cleaned
  • High pressure air blower is used to remove excess water Exterior windows and side mirrors are checked and polished

Tyres Dressed

  • Wheels, arches, mud flaps are washed
  • Tyres are cleaned to remove brake dust and dirt
  • Gloss is applied to the tyres and mud flaps


  • seats including creases in fabric/leather are vaccuumed
  • steering wheel is cleaned and vaccuumed
  • door pockets, glove box and ashtrays are vaccuumed
  • carpets, mats, including under the seats are vaccuumed
  • trunk is cleaned and vaccumed (if empty)
  • baby car seats are vaccumed

Interior Windows

  • Using our Geowash window cleaner with a towel and micro fiber cloth, we polish :
  • windscreen and all interior windows
  • glass sun roof (if applicable)
  • rear view mirror

Interior Dusting

  • Using a damp cloth, we dust:
  • dashboard
  • door frames
  • centre console
  • cup holders
  • leather/vinyl seats
  • steering wheel, gear shifts and hand brake
  • instruments
  • vents
  • switches
  • radio
Cost & Estimated Time
GEO GOLD for Sedan / Hatch
GEO GOLD for Wagon / SUV
GEO GOLD for 4 WD / 7 Seater
Estimated Time of Service
20-30 Minutes