Geowash Silver Package Service

Geowash Silver Package is perfect when your car is ok on the inside but showing the effects of being “out and about” on the outside. This will be your most regular treatment, with the occasional Gold and Diamond Packages thrown in when required.



This is the most Basic Geowash Package which cleans just the Car’s exterior.

SUITABLE for customers who are on the run, short in time and would like a simple, easy yet effective exterior clean carwash.

Presenting the GEO SILVER Package:

Exterior Hand Car Wash

  • Car gets washed with Active Foam, AF emulsion.
  • Insects and Tar removed

Chamois Dry

  • Exterior chamois is dried
  • Front of car, side mirror cases and windscreens are checked for bugs
  • Paintwork is checked for any remaining water and stains
  • Door and trunk sills are cleaned
  • High pressure air blower is used to remove excess water Exterior windows and side mirrors are checked and polished

Tyres Dressed

  • Wheels, arches, mud flaps are washed
  • Tyres are cleaned to remove brake dust and dirt
  • Gloss is applied to the tyres and mud flaps
Cost & Estimated Time
GEO SILVER for Sedan / Hatch
GEO SILVER for Wagon / SUV
GEO SILVER for 4 WD / 7 Seater
Estimated Time of Service
15-20 Minutes