Why geowash ?

Geowash is a car wash and detailing service providing high quality convenient Eco friendly car wash service. Our goal is to provide customers with a high quality car wash service anywhere large groups of cars are parked. Geowash is redefining customer convenience, luxury and revolutionising the car wash industry worldwide. 

Geowash is not only luxuriously convenient, it is Eco friendly saving millions of litres of water annually in the cleaning of hundreds of thousands of cars around the world.

Geowash high quality products protects the paint

  • Geowash’s ingredients include Teflon and Carnauba Waa, high quality waxes and sealant.
  • They form a protective film over the vehicle’s surface to protect against UV rays, pollution, salt, bird droppings and more.
  • Geowash uses special formulas that lifts, softens, emulsifies and dissolves dirt and other contaminants on contact, while special polymers wrap around any remaining particles in a lubrication film.
  • Geowash operators are fully trained and they carry out their tasks jobs under the most strict discipline and quality expectations. They report to a supervisor to assure a high quality service and hassle free operation.
  • Geowash carts are fully autonomous and do not require connection to water hoses or electicity outlets whilst roaming the car park.
  • Geowash cart does not leave excess water, foam or dirt on the floor enabling us to wash cars indoors.
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Benefits of Geowash

  • Help customers save time, providing another distinctive option for a superb shopping experience
  • Save fuel and time to and from car wash locations
  • Focus on more enjoyable activities whilst having their cars washed
  • Added value service at non – premium price
  • No need to move the car from its parking space
  • No need to leave car keys for the outside wash option
  • Added value service at an affordable price
  • Allows a more frequent, wash to keep the cars clean and shining
  • Protects paintwork
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