Does your product contain any unfriendly chemicals ?

Our products do not contain any volatile-organic-compound fragrances or dyes, and are non-toxic. What’s more, our products also contain polymers designed to add protection and shine to your car’s surface. Customers will notice a slick surface on their cars once our professionals have wiped them down.

How can brake dust damage or stain my wheels?

Yes. As your car gets older, alloy wheels become porous, allowing dust to penetrate the aluminum surface. The heat that gets generated when driving will bake on the brake dust if left for a long period of time, leaving a permanent stain. This can be avoided with the regular cleaning of your wheels.

How do bird droppings damage my cars paintwork?

The acid in bird droppings will leave a stain in the paint work that cannot be removed. We have the special systems and the safest systems designed to remove bird droppings.

How do insects & tar damage my cars paint work?

Tar will not leave a mark but if left unattended becomes much harder to remove. Bugs will leave a permanent stain in your paintwork.

How does Geowash protect the paint ?

Geowash’s ingredients include Teflon and Carnauba Wax, high quality waxes and sealant. They form a protective film over the vehicle’s surface to protect against UV rays, pollution, salt, bird droppings and more.

How long would it usually take to get my car washed ?

Depends on the wash package you select. For example, if you were to have the exterior cleaned, it generally takes 10 minutes. If you have both the interior and exterior cleaned, it generally takes around 25mins

How often should I get my car washed?

Weekly or fortnightly washing will maintain your car’s condition and prevent a buildup of contaminants. Polishing your car every season will protect and enhance its appearance and condition. Washing removes surface dirt and loose contaminants built up from regular driving. Failure to remove these particles can result in potential bonding to the surface. Years of dirt, grime and road film along with sunlight can degrade the finish on a car by way of oxidation.

What does Geowash do with cars baby seat?

If the seat has been restrained we do not move it for obvious safety reasons. Having said that we do clean the baby seat and around the base of the seat, but we do not clean underneath it.

Why should people use Geowash regularly ?

Polish is a mildly abrasive substance which sands the surface of paint smooth and allows it to shine. Wax however is a non-abrasive coating that protects the paint finish and microscopically fills in the dents and dimples in the paint to help it shine. Think of car polish as an exfoliant for cars. Polish contains mild abrasives that remove the micro layer of dull, weathered and dried out paint to reveal a brighter, newer pigment beneath. Now think of the wax as a lotion/moisturizer you would apply after exfoliating to protect the shiny paint/skin from drying out.

The Geowash wax process provides that deep, lustrous showroom effect.


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