Geowash Frequently Asked Questions

How can a car be washed with such little amount of water?

Our concept incorporates the intelligent use of wetting agents, lubricants and surfactants to wash cars. These, coupled with the use of the finest quality applicator towels and highly skilled professionals ensure the best results with minimum resources.

The Geowash system applies, using a low pressure spray nozzle, a special formula as a fine mist using just the right amount of water.

Other methods uses “brute force” to wash cars, wasting large amounts of fresh water.

Will it scratch the paint?

No. Geowash uses special formulas that lift, soften, emulsify and dissolves dirt and contaminants on contact. Special polymers wrap around any remaining particles in a lubrication film creating a thin layer between the paintwork and the dirt, to protect the paint from scratching. Then the liquid is gently removed using ultra microfiber towels.

The Geowash process is completely scratch-free. Since we hand wash every car there are no brush, swirl or water marks.

Geowash franchisees have been cleaning hundreds of thousands vehicles across the world, including Ferraris, Mercedes, Lamborghinis and many other high-end cars.

How does Geowash protect the paint ?

Geowash’s ingredients include Teflon and Carnauba Wax, high quality waxes and sealant. They form a protective film over the vehicle’s surface to protect against UV rays, pollution, salt, bird droppings and more.

Does your product contain any surface unfriendly chemicals?

Our products do not contain any volatile-organic-compound fragrances or dyes, and are non-toxic. What’s more, our products also contain polymers designed to add protection and shine to your car’s surface. Customers will notice a slick surface on their cars once our professionals have wiped them down.

Can Geowash clean dirty cars?

Yes. Your car does not need to be pre washed before using Geowash and it is safe for dirty vehicles. Geowash uses high effective cleaners, which easily removes dirt, grime, road film, and tar using a small amount of water, without harmful chemicals or the risk of scratching. Years of experience worldwide prove the quality of the Geowash system.

What makes Geowash ecological?

In today’s society we are seeing a lot of buzzwords thrown into the marketplace. With limited regulation it is difficult for consumers to determine what to believe. We consider our company to be environmentally friendly on several levels:

We don’t waste Earth’s most precious resource, water. Our solutions mist on and wipe off, no rinsing.

We don’t use high power tools, almost no electricity wasted on washes.

We use only biodegradable chemical products.

Why should people use Geowash regularly?

Polish is a mildly abrasive substance which sands the surface of paint smooth and allows it to shine. Wax however is a non-abrasive coating that protects the paint finish and microscopically fills in the dents and dimples in the paint to help it shine. Think of car polish as an exfoliant for cars. Polish contains mild abrasives that remove the micro layer of dull, weathered and dried out paint to reveal a brighter, newer pigment beneath. Now think of the wax as a lotion/moisturizer you would apply after exfoliating to protect the shiny paint/skin from drying out.

The Geowash wax process provides that deep, lustrous showroom effect.

Why should people wax their cars?

As well as cleaning cars, it is important to wax them regularly as well. This is because waxing leaves a coat, which protects the paint from the environment as well as leaving a deep, lustrous finish.

How long does Geowash takes to wash cars?

Our services range from 20 to 45, depending on the vehicle and the required service level. This is by far quicker than the normal car wash because our products feature a dual wash-and-wax effect, which not only cleans but also adds a layer of protective sealant over the car. This is only possible using our leading-edge products. The paint has ‘swirl like’ scratches in it. What causes these?

Washing a car with water doesn’t lift the dirt off the surface and only removes some of the surface-embedded dirt. There will still be residual dirt particles left on the paint surface. Rubbing a sponge or chamois over the paint actually grinds this dirt into the paint – thus causing what is known as “swirls”, or “feather scratches”. Our products prevent this as well as reduce the damage done by making such superficial scratches less visible over time.

Most cars have feather scratches when they have been cleaned using traditional water washing methods. Geowash uses an exclusive polymer compound that encapsulates the dirt and lubricates the panel so that we can remove the dirt with our ultra microfiber cleaning cloth without scratching.